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Thank you for your interest in the Hibbing Repeater. Your signal report can be entered as a comment in the Leave a Reply block of this page. Please state your geographic location from Hibbing,  mode (analog or digital), date and time of report, and the signal quality  in the comment field below:

3 thoughts on “Signal Report”

    1. Ron, Good to hear from you.

      The hash you hear is the digital mode known as or C4FM. This digital signal is associated with the Yaesu Fusion Repeater and represents the digital encoding of the voice communications as well as other digital information to identify the sending station. You will hear the same thing on the Gilbert, NT0B, repeater.

      You can eliminate this “noise” in three ways:
      1) Turn your Yaesu Fusion radio to digital.
      2) Enable Tone Squelch on your radio for a tone 151.4 Hz. This will allow you to hear the analog audio on the repeater without the hash.
      3) Tune your radio to another channel.

      Hope that explains it.

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