My Perspective of 1/6/21

Insurrection: (noun)[in·​sur·​rec·​tion | \ ˌin(t)-sə-ˈrek-shən]-a violent uprising against an authority or government

The events at the Capitol Building of the United States of America on January 6, 2021, fit that definition. Democracy as established by the Constitution of the United States was assailed that day no matter what political party looks at it. Violence was perpetrated. It is the purpose of The United States House Select Committee on the January 6, 2021 Attack on the United States Capitol to investigate that violence.

As the Committee’s public hearings of June 2022 have revealed, sufficient evidence has been presented by the Committee’s witnesses to warrant indictment of individuals responsible for formatting or perpetrating this violence. An argument against inditing the more high profile individuals espoused by a legal adviser on CNN, commenting on  testimony heard has questioned the cohesiveness of the democracy’s union to withstand the fracturing of today’s American society already divided by political, moral, and economic stresses.

My opinion of this argument against indictment is  a democracy  insufficiently strong to hold any insurrectionist accountable in a court of law for his or her violence against its authority, that democracy is too weak to survive and needs to be reformed in the forge of civil war if it be found necessary to reinstate its rule by the people and for the people.

A similar sentiment is voiced in the Statement of J. Michael Lutig before The United States House Select Committee on January 6, 2021, Attack on the United States Capitol Washington, D.C., June 16, 2022. As the Honorable Judge in part states the nature and cause of this war: ” … These wars that we are waging against each other are immoral wars, not moral ones, being immorally waged over morality itself. We Americans no longer agree on what is right or wrong, what is to be valued and what is not, what is acceptable behavior and not, and what is and is not tolerable discourse in civilized society. Let alone do we agree on how we want to be governed or by whom, or where we go from here and with what shared national ideals, values, beliefs, purposes, goals, and objectives — if any at all….

Today’s politicians believe that they never have to choose between partisan party politics and country, when in fact they are obliged by oath to choose between the two every day, and every day they defiantly refuse to choose. For today’s politicians, never the twain shall meet between partisan ambition and country, and never the latter before the former, either. The politicians in today’s America only sponsor partisan incitement and only traffic in the same, rather than sponsor bi- partisan reason and lead in thoughtful deliberation. They have purposely led us down the road not in the direction toward the bridging of our differences, but in the direction away from the bridging of those differences. They have proven themselves incapable of leading us. ” …

In conclusion, we need to hold anyone responsible for  the actions leading up to and contributing to the violence witnessed on January 6, 2021 through the justice system – to include Donald J. Trump and his enablers  – irregardless of any repercussions in order to defend the Constitution and ensure  our democracy remains viable.