Welcome to NØAGX’s World

You are about to enter the world of amateur radio, a hobby like no other. Where time stands still only if you fail to move on with it as many have chosen to do as witnessed by the collectables littering the benches of many a radio shack.

I hope I can serve in a small part as an Elmer to those who share my passion.

One thought on “Welcome to NØAGX’s World”

  1. Hello. I am interested In getting into amateur radio. With my 2 radios I can listen to some of what is around but cannot talk to people. I know I need an FCC licence first. There aren’t many resources for people interested in this hobby on the iron range. I’m not sure if this is the right place to try to contact your organisation but if it is, please contact me to share some resources on getting started operating so I can join the HAM community. Thank you.

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