Iron Range Net Check-ins

The Iron Range Net maintains a log of all those stations checking into the net, keeping a running total of the number of check-ins for each station. George, KE0GXQ, maintains the log and awards the certificates. Due to the cost of printing and  postage ($4.00 to send a mountable certificate by USPS) , if your email is not listed on QRZ – please provide George with your email address so that a printable electronic version of the certificate can be sent to you.

The log is shown below in its own window. In order to utilize the lookup feature of the log, the user must navigate to the window below. The full results of the lookup are best seen at a 75% reduction; otherwise, the scroll bars on either side of the window need to be positioned so that the lookup results can be viewed.

The last time the log was updated is located in the upper right hand corner of the log. Certificates are awarded for 30, 100, 300, and 500 check-ins. The number of check-ins can be found by entering your call sign into the yellow box in the window below and pressing enter. By scrolling down the spreadsheet, the total number of check-ins by call can be seen for all stations.

Leave a Reply/Comment  if you have any issues in using this feature.

6 thoughts on “Iron Range Net Check-ins”

  1. I am a snowbird from Eveleth (WE6J) listening from Palmetto Florida – just south of Tampa – on an SDR site in Cleveland Ohio. Now I can enjoy it here as well as back home. 73

  2. I was surprised that my check in number was only 16. I have been checking in for at least two years both on the actual radio and via remote. In the two years, I might have missed two or three Saturdays.

    LeRoy W0LMK Duluth & Harlingen,TX

    1. Congratulations, the Certificate is in the mail. Thank you for being a regular participant in our net. You are now working on your 300 th check-in!

    1. Thanks, George for making quick work of the revisions in the log as we put the finishing touches on it after its roll out this Saturday. As we progress any needed additions or changes can be brought to George and my attention by just leaving a comment. The comments of an administrative nature will be acted upon and those of interest to the Net members will be posted for others to read and respond to if appropriate.

  3. Great job George!!! I wasn’t sure what you were going to come up with and I can’t see how it could be any better than this.
    I appreciate you hard work in ham radio.

    John, KE0BAQ Lutsen

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