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Welcome to the MeWA web page. You will find club news and information better suited to this format than social media.  Page down to read the latest meeting notes or  review the club’s inventory of donated items for sale.

Minutes or notes  from the  meetings are no longer available from this web page due to organizational changes.

Donated items to the Club are available for sale. If interested, contact the Property Manager for details.  [Ed. Note: This position is being held by N0AGX until the position can be filled. Nominations for the position are being solicited.] Proceeds from the sale go to the upkeep of the club repeater and other expenses. MeWA is working toward becoming a registered 501C non-profit organization. Thank you for your support.

Items available for sale are found in the listing below. Items are available for viewing by making an appointment by contacting the property manager by  submitting a comment below or making an offer.

Download (PDF, 415KB)

As of 11/10/2016, the club membership has decided that the cost of a domain and hosted site are not cost effective. This page will provide web based access to content otherwise unavailable in convenient form from the Club’s Facebook Group Page or provide access to individuals without a Facebook account. The web page content is not sanctioned by the officers or members of the club unless specifically stated and is the sole responsibility of the web master who can be contacted by leaving a comment.


Mesabi Wireless Amateur Radio

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